Owner's Corner
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Overview of Our Services:

RMC offers complete management solution for all property investors and homeowners. Most services are included in a competitive monthly fee. Please contact us for a breakdown of charges.

Services provided:

1. Rental assessment:
If you are interested in our Property Management Services, we will inspect your property and give advice on its potential market rental. The asking rent will then be set in agreement with the owner.

2. Advertising your property:
We will advertise the property for rent and show potential tenants through the property. Advertising is done in the local papers, on our web site, on various rental web sites and with Military relocation specialists at Fort Bragg.

3. Showing properties to potential tenants.
We show tenants through the property by either appointment or set open viewing.

4. Tenant screening:
We screen all tenants before renting to them. Potential tenants are required to complete application forms and we then conduct reference and credit checks.

5. Rent collection and monitoring:
Rents are monitored daily. We do not accept checks as a form of payment thus eliminating the hassle of insufficient funds. We disburse rent to owners within 72 hours or sooner of receipt thereof!

6.  Inventory and Condition report upon move-in and move-out:
We provide both tenant and owner with a detailed report to ensure the actual condition of the home is properly documented. Homeowners are provided with actual photos of the property.

7. Regular property inspections:
The property is inspected prior to the tenancy starting. Regular inspections are completed during the tenancy. The property is inspected, the day after the tenant vacates the property.

8. Financial Statements:
We provide monthly financial statements, detailing rents collected and payments made on your behalf. These are electronically sent to the owner of the property. Annually, we provide owners with a consolidated statement (1099) covering all activities in their property for the previous tax year.

9. Maintenance and Repair:
Our vendors are insured and certified. Our owners are more than welcome to contact any vendors to discuss estimates and/or repairs. We honor owners' requests for specific vendors and gladly work with warranty companies. Free estimates are not a guarantee.

Benefits of hiring our Services:

  • We care for and control your property Investment.

  • You have a mediator between you -  the landlord, and your tenant.

  • You can rely upon somebody else to ensure you are getting fair market value for your rental property.

  • You have somebody who can remind tenants of their commitments.

  • We provide full financial reports on your property.

  • We advise you on maintenance requirements.

  • We can ensure early detection and rapid remedial action for any late payments by tenants.

  • You don't have to take calls from tenants, arrange for maintenance or worry about rental payments.

  • You don't have to rely on friends, family or neighbors to look after your property in your absence.

  • Promotion of Honesty and Accountability in Property Management


Frequently asked questions:

How do you find tenants?
We place advertisements in the local papers, on the internet and with housing specialists at Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force base. Telephone calls come directly to RMC and potential tenants are shown through the property.

What do you do to ensure I get the best tenant?
Nobody can guarantee you the perfect tenants, however experience has shown that following good procedures does minimize the risks. All prospective tenants are required to fill out an application form. This form gives information about the tenants and they are required to supply details of personal references and their current or previous landlord. It also authorizes us to do credit checks. All prospective tenants are reference checked. We do decline tenants who have applied for properties when the reference checking does not satisfy our/your requirements.

Do you do an inspection prior to doing the rental agreement?
The rental agreement is done at the property with the tenant. We request that the property is completely empty at this point.


How do we pay for repairs/maintenance?
Repair/maintenance issues are presented for your approval. If approved, Trades People employed for such work forward their accounts to RMC. We pay them on your behalf out of rents collected and the charges show on your monthly statement.


Who collects the rent and when does it come to me?
Tenants are required to pay their rent to RMC. The payment comes through to our client account and rents are checked daily (we have a computerized system which tells us whose rent is due on a specific day). We compile a full statement for property owners of the rents collected less all payments made on behalf of the owner. The balance of the money is transferred to the owner.


How do you account for my money and is it safe?
All rents and any other moneys received on behalf of an owner are paid into your client account. This account is specifically for the owner and does not form part of the operational bank accounts of our company. All payments made on behalf of the owner are also made from this account. Each owner's transactions are individually identified within this account and the account is balanced on a daily basis. Owners are supplied with a monthly statement, which identifies all transactions during the month.