Maintenance Funding

Proposals:  Due to increased cost of fuel and other expenses vendors have now begun to charge us a $35.00 proposal fee that is credited when the work is accepted and paid.  If you want us to provide written proposals please remit $35.00 for each vendor that you have requested.

Prepayment: The money we operate with belongs to you and other investors. We cannot pay a vendor for work performed with other people's money so we require that you have the full amount of the proposal on hand or a valid credit card on file with us before we can authorize any vendor to work on your home. When you accept a proposal please send the stated amount and this will be escrowed until the work is completed.

Work Completion:  For small jobs that are called by tenants we require the vendor to provide an acceptance and satisfaction of the work done, signed by the tenants, to be attached to any invoice they submit as a claim.

Work Completed Inspections:  For vacant houses that require work by a vendor for which you have approved a work order we have submitted with that work order an included $45.00 Inspection fee to insure that the work done by the vendor is professionally done and completed in accordance with the proposal.  This fee will also cover up to two additional trips to the property for undiscovered requirements to assess and approve the extension of the work order.  These Maintenance Completion Inspections are not provided within the Management Agreement and reflect an additional service we provide.  If you do not want us to inspect your property after it has been worked on by a vendor we will honor your request however this will be at your own risk.